Membership at Black Hound Clay Studio

Membership at Black Hound Clay Studio allows clay artists access to a fully equipped ceramics studio for an affordable price. To be considered for membership, applicants must have a background working in clay and feel comfortable working independently in a ceramics studio. All spaces are communal, with assigned shelves for storage of supplies and work in progress.

 Please note: As of March 2019, our membership is full and we are currently not accepting new applications for membership. Please check this space for when we will begin accepting applications again.

Member Benefits Include:

  • 24/7 Studio Access via your own key

  • use of all equipment, including wheels, slab roller, extruder, work tables and kilns

  • dedicated members' area, including individual shelf storage

  • use of eight cone 6 studio glazes

  • reasonably priced firing fees (please see rates here)

  • 25% off 10 week classes at BHCS

  • opportunities to participate in gallery shows, member potlucks and other events hosted by the studio


(please note that membership prices have increased effective September 2018)

$65 per month: Cubby membership

  • includes one 15" x 15" x 15" cubby plus communal shelf storage for overflow work

  • best for a beginner who generates a small amount of work each month

$80 per month: one shelf membership. 

  • includes one 18"x48" or 24"x48" shelf

  • best for a beginner who generates a small amount of work each month

$105 per month: two shelf membership.

  • includes two 18"x48" or 24"x48" shelves

  • best for a beginner/intermediate artist who generates a small to medium amount of work each month and may need additional storage for personal glazes or buckets

$195 per month: full shelving unit membership

  • includes full 2'x4'x6' shelving unit

  • best for a serious hobbyist who generates a medium to large amount of work each month, and may need extra storage for work in progress, glazes, buckets and additional clay

additional details:

  • after application materials are received, an informal "meet and greet" will be scheduled with a BHCS staff member. This is to assess the applicant's technical ceramics knowledge, discuss goals of BHCS Membership and ensure that the applicant and the studio are a good fit for each other.

  • minimum term for membership is 3 months. if you have a defined project that will take less time than that, please contact Bethany at blackhoundclay@gmail.com.

  • a security deposit of $100 is required upon sign up. this is refundable at the end of the membership term.

  • a 30 day notice is required to end membership

  • prospective members must read the membership handbook and sign off on the terms contained therein.

  • a short orientation covering studio cleaning practices and safety is required at the beginning of membership term