We offer kiln rentals to the general public and the kiln is available for use for all that utilize Black Hound's studio. Our rates for kiln firing vary depending on membership level and whether or not you are enrolled in a class.

Black Hound's kiln is a Skutt 1027. it is approximately 27" deep and about 23" wide. The kiln is divided into three rings, each 9" high and 23" wide. We charge by the full kiln, half kiln or by the ring (one third kiln)

We fire up to Cone 6. The rental price is the same no matter what temperature you are firing to.

HOW TO RENT THE KILN: please email Bethany at for further details including availability and scheduling. 


Full Member Rate:

$30 per full kiln

$15 per half kiln

$10 per ring

Full members must sign up for the kiln on our white board. Most members use the entire kiln for themselves or split the space with another member.



$45 per full kiln

$22.50 per half kiln

$15 per ring

Weekend members must coordinate with Bethany to fire their work, or can share a kiln with a full member.



$75 per kiln

$37.50 per half kiln

$25 per ring

This rate applies to students who are buying open studio time a la carte or simply utilizing the kiln to fire work made at home or elsewhere. Please note that if students enrolled in a class utilize an open studio, the work they make still falls under the Class Rate.



all firings are included in class tuition for work made while enrolled in a class at Black Hound.

Black Hound Clay Studio  |  711B South 50th Street  |  Philadelphia PA 19143

Open to the Public on Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm.

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